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Every day, every newspaper begins as a blank page. News breaks, story ideas are brainstormed, press releases are read, leads are followed, and over the course of the day, the pages of the newspaper are filled. And then the next day, the page starts blank once again.
That pattern plays itself out day after day, at every newspaper, in every TV and radio newsroom, at online news operations, in the homes of bloggers, and everywhere else that news is reported and commented on. And in today's 24/7 news environment, there is an overwhelming desire for news and information to continue to feed that beast.
With all that news activity going on every day, there are bound to be news stories, editorials, and commentary about your tribe. That information can either come from you, or it can come from sources who do not have your best interests in mind.

Feed the news cycle

Maintaining a steady and aggressive PR and earned media operation to feed the news cycle is critical to maintaining a positive image for your tribe, but oftentimes your tribe's internal public relations officer or other PR staff are too overwhelmed with other things to maintain a consistent, proactive effort.
That is where we can help.
Our team has developed tools and strategies to assist you with staging events that generate positive press coverage, with pitching stories to local media that reflect well on your tribal members, and with writing and placing actual stories in local media that control the image of your tribe.
You can take control of your image, starting today, and we can help.
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Position your tribe to meet challenges and seize opportunities
By having a long-term image-building and PR program in place, you can position your tribe to meet those challenges and seize those opportunities whenever they present themselves.

Harness the power of your tribal heritage

Harness the power of your tribal heritage
If you do not take control of your own tribal image, someone else will.

Groundbreaking and Effective

Groundbreaking and Effective
Media partnerships and sponsorships can emphasize your tribal heritage and values.

Success Story:
The Ho-Chunk Nation

Success Story: The Ho-Chunk Nation
Visuality has helped the Ho-Chunk Nation make great strides on a number of key issues.