Innovate with Media
Earned media—the process of pitching or placing positive stories in local news outlets—is an important part of the public relations and image-building process. However, innovative paid media can provide tremendous impact and help overcome hostile news media or opponents who have a strong voice with local media.
That does not necessarily mean traditional advertising.

Ground-breaking, effective media strategies

Innovative media partnerships and sponsorships can emphasize your tribal heritage and values while associating you with respected institutions. Big seed, viral, and other online media can help you reach the young people who will be tomorrow's leaders. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking opportunities can allow you to harness the power of online communities that are motivated by common priorities and issues. And as the media continues to grow and redefine itself, new avenues and opportunities emerge almost daily.
Our team has specialized in developing the kind of ground-breaking, effective media strategies that can dramatically improve your tribal image and the public's perceptions of your tribe and your people.
You can take control of your image, starting today, and we can help.
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Position your tribe to meet challenges and seize opportunities
By having a long-term image-building and PR program in place, you can position your tribe to meet those challenges and seize those opportunities whenever they present themselves.

Harness the power of your tribal heritage

Harness the power of your tribal heritage
If you do not take control of your own tribal image, someone else will.

Generate positive tribal press coverage

Generate positive tribal press coverage
Maintain a steady, aggressive PR and earned media operation.

Success Story:
The Ho-Chunk Nation

Success Story: The Ho-Chunk Nation
Visuality has helped the Ho-Chunk Nation make great strides on a number of key issues.