Success Story: The Ho-Chunk Nation

One Nation's Success Story:
The Ho-Chunk Nation


The Ho-Chunk people are the aboriginal people of much of Wisconsin and its neighboring lands, and today they are among the Midwest's more powerful tribal nations. However, until recently, the Ho-Chunk Nation did not enjoy a positive public profile or strong brand identity, a position that left them vulnerable to hostile forces in their local communities, state government, and the media across the state.


Visuality partnered with the Ho-Chunk Nation on a long-term image-building campaign to strengthen its brand and better position the Nation for success across a wide range of goals. At the same time, Visuality was asked to assist the Nation with bread-and-butter public relations activities, internal communications, and crisis communication.
Through vigorous public relations efforts, aggressive earned media, innovative sponsorships and partnerships, and targeted paid media, Visuality has helped the Ho-Chunk Nation improve its public image. Central to that success has been the development of the innovative Ho-Chunk Radio News program; the Unsung Heroes partnerships with local TV stations that honor local veterans and active duty military personnel; and a "green" PSA program that runs on area cable systems.


Visuality has helped the Ho-Chunk Nation make great strides on a number of key issues, including:
  • Neutralizing aggressive attacks by the State of Wisconsin over the Ho-Chunk Nation's compact dispute with the State;
  • Changing the dynamics of a rival tribe's off-reservation casino application; and
  • Dramatically improving the Ho-Chunk Nation's approval ratings in key markets around Wisconsin.
In less than two years, the Ho-Chunk Nation has taken significant steps forward in terms of building its own image, fending off competition from rival interests, and meeting the challenge of hostile political and media forces.
Visuality has been the architect and instrument of that success.
You can take control of your image, starting today, and we can help.
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Position your tribe to meet challenges and seize opportunities
By having a long-term image-building and PR program in place, you can position your tribe to meet those challenges and seize those opportunities whenever they present themselves.

Groundbreaking and Effective

Groundbreaking and Effective
Media partnerships and sponsorships can emphasize your tribal heritage and values.

Harness the power of your tribal heritage

Harness the power of your tribal heritage
If you do not take control of your own tribal image, someone else will.

Generate positive tribal press coverage

Generate positive tribal press coverage
Maintain a steady, aggressive PR and earned media operation.